Naval Research Lab – The Makers Of The GPS

Did you know that the GPS was invented by scientists at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory?

Well now you do.

One of NRL’s greatest accomplishments has been the invention and development of the enabling technologies that became the Global Positioning System (GPS).

Like another towering NRL achievement in an earlier generation, radar, GPS has transformed warfare while also providing major benefits to navigation.

GPS is not only a global navigation aid, it is also the means for precision time and time transfer throughout the world, which has wide ranging and influential impact on communications and commerce; these features are a direct outcome of the technology envisioned and introduced by NRL scientists and engineers.

This bibliography is offered as an aid to those who are interested in better understanding the NRL role in the origins of GPS.  Bibliographic citations, primarily of published works, are presented.

These are annotated with abstracts, photos, and figures to facilitate selecting which of the referenced papers to examine more closely. A timeline is provided to aid in setting the citations in their context of historical development.

Learn more about what made all our lives easier, or at the very  least, a little less lost.

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